Reusable packaging
for delivery made easy.

Borro offers a cashless deposit system
for reusable meal delivery tableware.

How does Borro work for end users?

1. Order.

Order your meal at your favourite restaurant and ask for returnable Borro bowls.

2. Borro.

The restaurant will charge a deposit fee for every Borro item. Don't worry, it's only a deposit.

3. Enjoy.

You receive your meal in a Borro bowl.

4. Return.

Rinse the Borro bowl. Scan the QR code when returning them at the enterprise. The first time we’ll ask your bank details so the deposit can be wired to your account.

5. Confirm.

When the restaurant scans the returned packaging as well, the deposit will be released to your bank account.

Want to reuse, but don't know how?

What does Borro do for your enterprise?

1. Branded packaging.

Your brand is important. Our washable stickers will stay put even after dishwashing.

2. Flexible system.

Using the Borro deposit app is optional. You can also just buy our packaging and start reusing to get comfortable.

3. No risk.

The deposit system makes sure you don’t take the risk of losing packaging.

4. Delivery app.

The Borro deposit system works with delivery apps. Just add reusable as a menu option to your delivery menu.

5. Create loyalty.

Since the packaging can be returned at your enterprise, people are more likely to come back and ask for a refill.

6. Quick
and easy.

It is the 2 step scanning software, that makes the Borro deposit software a breeze. Ask a demo and convince yourself.
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