Reusable packaging
for office catering
made easy.

Borro offers a cashless deposit system
for reusable packaging
to run lunch rushes as smooth as butter.

How does Borro work for staff?

1. Order.

Order your meal at your office restaurant and ask for returnable Borro bowls.

2. Borro.

The restaurant will charge a deposit fee for every Borro item. Don't worry, it's only a deposit.

3. Enjoy.

You receive your meal in a Borro bowl.

4. Return.

Scan the QR code when returning them at your office restaurant. The first time we’ll ask your bank details so the deposit can be wired to your account.

5. Confirm.

When the restaurant scans the returned packaging as well, the deposit will be released to your bank account.

64% of employees see reuse
as a more sustainable option.

What does Borro do for your company?

1. Cashier integration.

Borro can operate separately from your cashier system.

Just add a line to charge the deposit. So you can easily start with a proof of concept.

2. Quick
and easy.

Speed of service is key. Operation during a busy lunch rush remains the same with BORRO.

3. No cash hassle.

No lingering around with cash deposit.

Once the packaging has been scanned in, employees will automatically receive the deposit into their bank account.

4. Flexibility.

Snack moments, smart fridges, outside picnics, eating at your desk, office lunches have become more versatile.

Borro enables the use of reusables in all these new contexts, without the risk of losing packaging.

5. ESG

Keep track of your sustainability goals.

Borro provides data that helps you achieve your net zero ambitions.
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