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Reusable packaging to serve take-out meals with ease

Borro connects phone numbers to packaging and reminds people to return them.

Participating restaurants

It's super simple: Customers can use it without creating an account. I just ask their phone number, and they start using the service from there on

Restaurant owner

Participating restaurants

We make reusable packaging frictionless

What does BORRO do for the restaurant?

• We take away the risk for the restaurant to loose packaging.

• It’s a cost saver. We only charge a fee per use lower than single use packaging.

• We help you get started, so it won’t slow down your operation.

What does BORRO do for the end user?

• Eliminate tons of single use packaging.

• Forget logins or passwords hassle. Just a phone number is enough.

• You can return your packaging at any partnering restaurant.

How does it work?




Our mission

Borro connects phone numbers to packaging and reminds people to return them.

Step 1

Enter number

Order take-out at any of the BORRO restaurants and provide your phone number.

Step 2

Scan Packaging

The restaurant will connect the BORRO packaging to your phone number.

Step 3

Client receive SMS

You receive your meal in a Borro packaging. A confirmation SMS will be send and you’ll have 7 days to return your packaging to any drop-off location in the city

Step 4

Scan out packaging

You can return the Borro packaging at any of the participating restaurants or drop-off points

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