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Borro’s digital solution guarantees a smooth refund of deposits.

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"I love that Bavet offers reusable packaging. It’s a small change that makes a big difference in reducing waste."


Customer of Bavet


We compared different systems, and liked the simplicity of Borro for the customer experience, and how easy it was to implement in our system.


Agostina Canonica

Head of Food Procurement & Packaging -  Deliveroo Europe

"This is the simplest and most efficient reusable packaging system I've used. Returning my cup is easy and quick, unlike other systems I've experienced."


Stadion Visitor


We want to



Lunch Garden

"The fast scanning process keeps everything moving smoothly without any bottlenecks."


Bar Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

Which packaging do you use?

Borro is a digital solution, allowing you the flexibility to work with any packaging supplier of your choice. However, we collaborate with several trusted partners and can recommend and facilitate packaging solutions to suit your needs.

Do you also cover logistics like storage, shipping, and washing? 

Borro specializes in providing a seamless digital solution. For logistics, such as storage, shipping, and washing, we partner with specialized companies to offer you comprehensive support. Based on your specific requirements, we can recommend and coordinate with reliable logistics partners to ensure smooth operations.

We use a closed loop system, can we also use Borro? 

Absolutely. Borro is designed to integrate seamlessly with closed-loop systems. We offer flexible refund options, including direct refunds to consumers' bank accounts or to designated cards or bracelets used for the event, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Make reuse as simple as single use

We understand the challenge of switching to reusable packaging - both operationally and financially. Our mission is to offer a solution that’s as easy as single-use while being environmentally friendly. We’re proud to partner with leading brands like Deliveroo and major event venues. Let’s work together to make your switch to reuse effortless.
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