Reusable packaging
for delivery made easy.

Borro offers a cashless deposit system
for reusable meal delivery tableware.

How it works.

1. Order.

Order take-out online or in-store at any of the Borro restaurants and ask for returnable Borro bowls.

2. Borro.

The restaurant will charge a deposit fee for every Borro item. Don't worry, it's only a deposit.

3. Enjoy.

You receive your meal in a Borro bowl.

4. Return.

Rinse the Borro bowl. Scan the QR code and return them at any of the participating drop-off points. The first time we’ll ask your bank details so the deposit can be wired to your account.

5. Confirm.

When the restaurant scans the returned packaging as well, the deposit will be released to your bank account.
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What do we do for the restaurants?

1. No risk.

We take away the risk for the restaurant to lose packaging.

2. Be visible.

We offer you visibility with a spot in our network of collection points.

3. Money.

We take care of refunding deposits to end users.

4. Easy.

Only add one line in your cashier system, and any staff can handle a returnable order.

5. Versatile.

Borro works efficiently with delivery platforms.

6. Reset.

Through our community app, you can redistribute tableware when you have
too much or too few returnables.

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What do we do for the end-user?

1. Centralised.

We keep track of everything in our app.

2. No waste.

No waste tastes better.

3. Local.

We're a local company and like to support other local enterprises.

4. Easy.

Easy to use and to return.
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